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Consuming pot orally used to be something of a leap of faith. Typically the process was to create “budder” from mostly loose weed, and then to incorporate that into the recipe for some sort of baked good, the common if not cliched choice being brownies. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to measure the potency of such efforts, and often you’d find yourself either unaffected or uncomfortably high. The rise of THC pills takes the guesswork away from the experience, providing a reliable dose in a more digestible form.

It first rose to prominence as part of the increased adoption of medical marijuana. Patients with respiratory diseases could avoid the negative health effects that came with smoking, plus pills are easier to distribute in care facilities than passing out joints and asking patients to spark up. Smoking is not particularly scientific, and now health practitioners could administer and keep track of exact dosages the way they do with accepted traditional medicines.

The adoption of pills has also accelerated the efficacy of cannabis research on the whole. The ability to control each dose with precision is more conducive to established clinical comparisons. Smoking, on the other hand, can be difficult in that regard as not everyone consumes the same amount of THC while smoking a joint. However, Magic Mushrooms can be next breakthrough treatment from treating depression to helping manage alcohol addiction.

While there is some variation, THC pills generally contain about one gram of your medical marijuana prescription. Doctors and other kinds of health practitioners tend to recommend taking a pill at night before bed. Even with a regulated dose, how long it takes to feel the effects isn’t always concrete. Usually the effects can be felt within about 45 minutes, but up to a couple of hours lag time isn’t unheard of.

Those operating in consultation with their doctor will be prescribed a certain dose based on their physicality and the nature of their ailments. That said, many people adopt THC pills without consultation from a health practitioner. In these cases, it is strongly recommend that you start off with a decidedly low dosage and then judge the effects, altering the amount ingested as desired. With this approach, you might want to keep a record of each level of dosage consumed, and the resulting effects. Ideally you will then find your ideal dosage for optimum health.