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What Can You Do Today To Improve Your Photography Business?

by Dan Bailey on October 4, 2010 · 16 comments

We’re going to play a little game here called ” What can you do to improve your photography business?” Only you’re going to be in charge. After all, it’s your business, you should be in the driver’s seat.

Ok, the way we play is simple. You get yourself a notebook, a few sheets of paper or the back of last week’s “365 Places You Haven’t Seen Yet” Page-A-Day calendar pages.

Next you get a pen and write down answers to the following twenty questions:

  1. What are three things that I can do to jumpstart my business today?
  2. Who are three potential customers or clients that I can contact today by email or Twitter today?
  3. Who is one photographer with whom I can share ideas or ask for advice today?
  4. What is one book that I can read a chapter in today that might help my photography business?
  5. What is one thing I can shoot today that I haven’t shot this week/month/year?
  6. What is a photography blog that I can read a post on today? (Hey, you’ve already done that!)
  7. What is a photography magazine that I can read an article in today that might help my business or technique?
  8. What is one organizational task that I can do in my office or studio that might make me more efficient?
  9. Who is one client that I can visit face to face or take out to lunch today?
  10. What is something I can post on my Facebook page today that others might find useful?
  11. What are three website directories where I can get myself listed today?
  12. What is one great image that I can improve with a little bit of tweaking in Lightroom/Aperture/Photoshop
  13. What is something creative besides photography that I can do today?
  14. What is an image that I can add to my portfolio or web gallery or send to a client?
  15. What are three way that I can interact with my Facebook or Twitter followers?
  16. What is one way I can improve the look of my website?
  17. What is one thing that I can buy to help me with my business?
  18. What are three ways that I can save money in my photography business?
  19. Who are three clients that I can follow up with today in regards to a recent bid or photo submission?
  20. What are three ways that I can go the extra mile when delivering a job to my clients?
  21. What are three ways I can increase my web traffic?

Ok, so I gave you an extra one. You don’t have to answer all of these questions today, and you certainly don’t have to do them all in one day. They’re just things to think about that will help you stay in tune as to whether you’re doing the best job you can with your business. And I’ll bet once you get started you’ll be able to think of some more questions as well.

Have fun with it.

Dan Bailey is a professional adventure, outdoor and travel photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska. Follow his own blog at and see his daily updates at

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Redirectedministries December 12, 2010 at 10:50 pm

I really need a website like this, you make me really think about the business.

Tracy Lovett April 13, 2011 at 12:32 am

Loving this…..

Inka Technology UK May 5, 2011 at 8:17 am

Nice, practical advice. It’s good to get a reminder that we aren’t as active as we need to be and that we should be driven to share rather than acquire.

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