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The Great Camera Shootout 2010 Video.

Director Steve Weiss of Zacuto Films just received an Emmy for the web series “The Great Camera Shootout 2010.” This is indeed a groundbreaking new way to create and distribute video content. Zacuto set out to test a new breed of video camera now known as HDSLR’s. They intended to produce content that was on par with major television shows, a huge undertaking which took into consideration all of the then current HDSLR cameras on the market and put them up against 35mm motion picture film. In this series of episodes they test all aspects of the digital cameras.  Here’s a quote from their Vimeo site on the tests performed.

“Each episode of the series features various controlled camera assessment tests which include: resolution, latitude, sensitivity, speed & ultra high speed, noise, color & green screen. The battery of tests were administered under strict controls and conducted by Robert Primes ASC, Gary Adcock, Philip Bloom, Jens Bogehegn and colorist Ryan Emerson. See the reactions to this test following 2K screenings, where “HD DSLR is compared to 35mm Film”. The test results were projected in a 2K theatrical environment at three screening locations: Stag Theater at Skywalker Ranch, LucasFilms Ltd., AFI (American Film Institute) Theater in Hollywood and the FilmWorkers Astro Color Timing Theater in Chicago. Hear commentary from the screenings by top ASC, Hollywood, Indie Film and Event & Convergence Photographers.”

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences does not yet have a web series specific category, though they do allow web content to be entered into any category competition. Even with “The Great Camera Shootout”  being up against major cable and network shows, they still managed to beat them all. This new way of filmmaking has now become part of the mainstream, thanks in part to the dedicated people at Zacuto.