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Aside from booth after booth of all the latest camera gear, PhotoPlus Expo offers an array of informative seminars with industry experts, covering everything from technique to marketing.

On Wednesday, I sat in on a social media seminar by wedding photographer turned family/children photographer and instructor Me Ra Koh. Her business model relies heavily on social media and blogging, which she uses to drive her workshops.


Here are 7 blogging tips and a few vital stats about Facebook Koh shared that can help you improve your social media reach.

1. Have a single, specialized focus.

People will read your blog if they see you as a expert. Having a consistent message and style will keep bringing them back.

2. Post consistently.

The hard fact about blogging is that your traffic will be higher if you write regular posts. By giving your readers regular and interesting content, they’ll actually work your blog into their daily/weekly schedule. If your posts drop off, so will your readership. Always have new content ready to go by writing and banking extra posts whenever you have time.

3. Have searchable categories.

Readers stay with you if they can identify with the topics that you cover. Having regular, searchable categories lets new readers dig deeper into your archives to read posts that they might have missed.

4. Hyperlink.

Linking to your own deeper material, as well as to other sites, makes your site a reliable resource for expert information, whether it comes from you or not. It helps build trust with your readers.

5. Use SEO and searchable post titles.

You want people to find your site, and search engine traffic is one of the best ways to make sure that happens. Write blog titles that give Google something to grab, with words that people are likely to use.

6. Run contests.

People love to win stuff. Give them this chance and I promise you, your traffic will climb big time. Prizes don’t have to be big — even things like gift cards and free prints or downloads will get things moving.

7. Engage your readers.

Make your blog an interactive experience. Get to know your readers. Talk to them. Ask questions. Answer their questions. Incite discussion. Be personal. Be you and your blog will take on a personality of its own.

Lastly, here are a couple of interesting stats Koh shared about Facebook that will hep you determine what and when to post:

Posts before noon get 65% more feedback.
Image posts receive 22% more engagement than video, and 54% more than text.


Senior contributor Dan Bailey is a professional adventure, outdoor and travel photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska.