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London Sessions with Brett Florens - iPad App
The “London Sessions with Brett Florens” app for iPad is your ticket to an exclusive wedding photography course with renowned photographer Brett Florens. Through the app’s three-day workshop, this skilled professional delivers priceless advice as well as practical photo sessions, geared to elevate your wedding photography business and help you appeal to a higher level clientele.

You get Brett’s tried and tested view on business sustainability, dealing with clients, advertising, nailing a job, costings, maintaining a healthy relationship with fellow suppliers (videographer, florist, jeweller, dress designer), attending bridal shows, pre-wedding meeting, viewing your portfolio, and much more. Just hearing a professional of Brett’s calibre describe his personal kit is illuminating, from his reasoning for choosing the Nikon 70-200 2.8 lens to why a collapsable reflector is the single most important addition to your kit.

The first day includes an excellent photo demonstration in which Brett shows specially created exposure problems and then presents fast and effective solutions for each. This clear insight into how he tackles common exposure issues would be of benefit to any photographer—whatever their level of expertise—and should be taught at every photography school.

His quick and effective remedies go beyond the elimination of unsightly shadows, or overly shiny skin, to achieve an altogether classier shot. Importantly, this constructive guidance can be applied to a multitude of situations with tips for life on controlling depth of field, shooting in aperture priority mode, reading your histogram on the fly, or refining the exposure settings to ensure the client gets exactly what she asked for. A great example here is a beach shot that delivers flattering exposure of the bride but fails to show the beautiful beach behind her. Brett explains how this specific bridal shot can be adjusted to bring in detail of the beach in the background, thus fulfilling her (well-paid for) wish of stunning beach bridal shots.

London Sessions with Brett Florens - App for iPad

At the end of the first day, there are practical sessions where Brett takes a group of photographers on a comprehensive wedding day shoot with a model couple. There is a casual engagement session in a fetching London coffee shop as well as a fashion-oriented street scene. Brett’s experience shines throughout with clear instructions on engaging with the couple, exposure, using available light with a reflector, and more.

Practical sessions continue on the second day when the group photographs the bride’s preparations (including an informative interview with the makeup artist and shooting the dress), the ceremony and exchanging rings, reception and first dance, bridal portraits, couple leaving the church, and countless memorable moments in-between. The second day ends with a night shoot against the backdrop of London’s striking night lights with an enormous amount of photographic details throughout.

The third day is dedicated to the post production process, from choosing images and touch-ups to printing and maintaining a healthy relationship with a pro lab. The post-wedding shoot is expanded upon, including some particularly striking images. Brett shows the Grey Card in Post Production, speaks of Raw vs. Jpeg, Nik Software, printing your images, relationship with your pro-lab, post-wedding shoot, reprints, parent’s albums, and more.

This app is the ultimate guide to wedding photography, from running and sustaining a successful business to delivering simply classic images. While every photographer of any skill level would benefit from this Nikon-credited photographer’s advice, the app would be of enormous interest to practicing practitioners wanting to elevate their business, take more striking shots, and attract a classier clientele. Brett’s expertise is admirable, while his thoroughly professional delivery is charmingly clear and informative throughout.

Grab the app in the iTunes Store.