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The Photoletariat caters to photographers worldwide. We deliver the latest and greatest news, videos, tips, inspiration and industry insider info that today’s fast-paced photog craves. Whether they be professional or amateur, in the studio or out on assignment, our audience is addicted to photography. This gives you — the advertiser — the ability to reach a highly sophisticated, targeted audience of photographers through The Photoletariat.

For additional services including Social Media Marketing, Web Video Production and Turn-Key Integrated Branded Campaigns – please check out our Marketing Agency service, Magnet Media.

The Photoletariat caters to highly engaged, high quality audience of photography professionals and serious hobbyists. More demographic information is available for advertisers or media planners who are looking for specific demographic segments.

We offer email list rental for a sponsored message to our targeted list, as well as banner placement in our weekly newsletter. Prices start at $200 CPM. We believe in partnership, not placement, for our sponsors – we will work with you to create a campaign centered around your needs.

We believe in tasteful, relevant and highly entertaining branded entertainment. Our sponsors have enjoyed great ROI from integrated online video ads. Please watch this five-minute trailer to our ‘Viewfinders’ series, sponsored by Adobe. This 16-episode series we produced and published over one quarter delivered astounding results for Adobe and they continue to be one of our top sponsors to date.

The Photoletariat community is highly engaged and responds well to targeted offers from our sponsors. Through qualified traffic sources, a well-matched special offer and a custom registration process, Magnet Media can deliver highly qualified sales leads for a host of technology and creative products. Campaigns can be created from scratch or added to current initiatives, maximizing the return on budgets already being used for content creation or traffic driving, helping you make the most out of every click, view and dollar. Please call us to discus how you can gain exposure to your special offer on The Photoletariat.